Design and Imaging

We create solutions, not just designs.

Graphic Design

Design services, from packaging to print to digital assets, I can help.

3D rendering

Showing your product in 3D space or in the environment often helps with visualizing how it looks. Whether it's on the shelf in-store, or maybe I am rendering your products for online sales?


Specializing in product photography, I can get your product images ready for sale.


The images aren't finished until color is perfect, composites are done, backgrounds are created and more. And I do CMYK retouching and prepress so there are no surprises or extra work by your print house.

Blue Kudu Gummies

Blue Kudu and Greg Krumm brought me in to create delicious background images for the new gummie packaging. 3D rendering, photography and retouching were used to capture the delicious flavors.

Arcanum Packaging

I’ve been working with Arcanum on their new packaging designs and product images for online sales since December 2018. From this Quill package to the new topical cream, we work together to create a consistent brand and merchandising.

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