Photography is a pure process of imaging making and after operating a photography studio for 5 years and leading the photography direction for a variety of brands, I approach the photo process from a traditional standpoint but also a progressive process. I’ve constantly been seeking the most advanced photography processes. From animated gifs to creative lighting and shot angles, I’ve been studying the art of lighting throughout my career.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is typically the foundation of the project.  It begins with a plan, a system, a dieline design for packaging and the creative chops to tell the story on the shelf. What is the product about, what makes it different, what makes a customer want to take it home?


The dieline process is often a process done by the print company which requires some back-and-forth. I use the product to create a dieline in engineering software, take the dieline and begin designing around within it. Designing the folding and visual process, rendering the package throughout the design stages, and creating a prototype prior to handoff, we can be sure your package design not just is aesthetic but works the way it should. This is what I do. Show your design the way you want to see it.

3D Renders

3D renders have come to play a huge role in all aspects of the creative process. Designing and rendering products and testing color ways, showing packaging designs in space, and showing merchandising plan-o-grams; the 3D processes allow for everyone involved to see the full design.


Testing materials and textures is very important. From plastic water bottle colors for Camelbak to gems for Popsockets new product line, to fabric materials on footwear for Crocs, we used the 3D process to make crucial design decisions.


From single complex images to hundreds of images in a campaign, retouching perfect images for packaging, advertisements, portraits and product images, I create prefect images perfectly.


And when it comes to color correct printing, I’ve learned from the best and it’s been proven  that my color work is spot on. Contract proofs guarantee that and that’s part of the process when necessary.


The image to the right was developed with photos, illustrations, 3D models and more for the perfect composite, perfect angles, and you’ll see the oil bottle outlined above the Pacer on the left.


As mentioned above, merchandising is more and more, utilizing 3D renders to sell in products and POP displays like the GAIAM Yoga display to the left.  THsi was one of a series of displays to be created for Kohl’s Department Store. I showed floor space, colorways, products and more.


Whether it’s a permanent fixture or a temporary corrugated display, I can design and test graphics, materials, and in-store presentation so everyone sees the finished product, even when it’s not finished.